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SaHifeh-ye Imam Khomeini

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For easy access to particular topics, please refer to Sahifeh-ye Imam, volume ۲۲, which includes: Indexes to subjects, persons, places, historical events, Quranic verses and Prophetic narrations, poems, and detailed subjects of the first ۲۱ volumes.

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In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful As a precious collection of the guidance- and direction-giving words of our great teacher, mentor and leader is once more prepared to be published, it seems timely to inscribe a few words, although inadequately, about that unique personality who revived the Islamic way of life in our times. Anywhere in this world, whenever a man is endowed with knowledge, wisdom and lofty ideals, with piety, devoutness and unyielding belief, with bravery, valor and will power, and with political intelligence, prudence and experience he steps in the arena of an immense task. He patiently and steadfastly pursues a sacred goal and will undoubtedly win endless glory and perpetual achievement for his country and nation, and sometimes for the whole humanity. All of those who rank among the famous people of the history were adorned with some of these characteristics. The great celebrity of the present era, Imam Ruhullah Khomeini, possessed all these traits simultaneously, even in usually unachievable and matchless proportions. He was a pious scholar, a devout savant, a sage politician, a nonconformist believer, a courageous and clever man of gnosis, a just ruler, and devoted combatant. He was a jurist, a man of usul [principles] and gnosis, a philosopher, a teacher of morals, a man of letters, and poet; one who possessed the highest position of teaching and the most crowded and intense academic seminary sessions over the years. The God-given prominent characteristics merged with what he himself had learnt from the Quranic wisdom, with which he had adorned his heart and soul, had made a great, charming and influential personality out of him. By contrast, any of the figures of the contemporary world, the century of great men and famous religious, political and social reformers, looks unimpressive, one-dimensional and insignificant. What he attempted and accomplished through faith, reliance on God, prudence, and patience, was also as great, unbelievable and astonishing. His excellent and brilliant personality was astounding and unique during the different periods of his political life. As the religious authority in Qum, he challenged Pahlavi’s surrogate and corrupt regime and its interfering American supporters with his prophetic call, leaving the Shah and his accomplices prone to the nation’s storm of fury. Supported by the great struggle of the Iranian nation, he was able to establish the Islamic government and eradicate the treacherous, corrupt and incapable regime, after fifteen years of intensive and tedious fighting. He unfailingly exhibited this peak of belief, bravery and self-sacrifice along with the depth of wisdom, prudence and intellect of his precious being. He knew Iran fairly well: on the one hand, its crucial and decisive geographical location and its political geography, its potential natural and human resources, its great affections, goals and aspirations, and on the other hand, its recent sorrowful history of one hundred fifty years. He acquiesced its being dominated by the foreigners and plunderers, Pahlavi dynasty and the associated royal families’ treachery, corruption and totalitarianism, its imposed poverty, and scientific, industrial and moral backwardness… and above all, its great, noble, gallant and faithful nation. He was acquainted with the world’s condition, the colonized nations, tyrant governments and the perplexed and truth-thirsty younger generation; he was especially familiar with the deplorable conditions of Muslim countries and the Islamic nation and suffered for it, and the poignant issue of Palestine tortured his great soul. His sense of religious duty made him embark on an extensive and historic struggle that has never been pursued by anyone but the exceptional men of history and has not been won by anyone but a few. He dreamed of rescuing Iran from the clutches of a corrupt regime that imposed backwardness, decadence, and financial, moral and scientific dearth and recognized that restoring Islam and establishing the political institution of Islam in the country and the rule of divine values was the only solution. Having initiated this path, he set a living example for the Islamic nations, and generated a new trend in the Islamic world whose first blessed outcome was the revival of Islamic identity among Muslims. From the onset, he started his struggle with the help of vast numbers of people and in the name of Allah; he talked to them and asked for their faith, reason and determination. He never resorted to insincere parties and factions, and often regarded their political bargains. He always talked to the people sincerely and sympathetically and along the course of the struggle, like a discerning teacher and informed mentor he offered his reason, wisdom and knowledge to the wayfarers.

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